7W LED Spotlight Recess-Midea (carton-100pcs)


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Quick Overview

Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years

Color: White/6500K or Warm/3000K

Base type: recess ceiling mount


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Product Description

The Midea MDL-GU1007W-GU1030-3000K spotlight is a compact and stylish lighting solution that provides warm and inviting illumination. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates into any interior, while the focused beam of light allows for highlighting specific areas or objects. With a color temperature of 3000K, it emits a cozy and welcoming light, making it suitable for accent lighting or creating a comfortable ambiance. The spotlight is energy-efficient, durable, and easy to install, ensuring long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance. Enhance your space with the Midea MDL-GU1007W-GU1030-3000K spotlight, adding elegance and focused illumination to any desired area.


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