Solar water Pump, Handuro 1100W, HD-3SC


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Quick Overview

Input Voltage:

Input Current: 0~15A

1. Building/construction work/Domestic water supply;

2. Irrigation and small water work;

3.Landscaping&watering gardens;

4. Water conservancy system;

5. Factory.



Product Description

Features and Advantages

1.Oil filled motor, stable&reliable running with pressure regulating membrane;

2.Energy-saving and environment-protected green products;

3.High technique products adopting MPPT;

4.100% copper wire, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet,advanced brushless DC motor;

5.Installation in 3” or larger boreholes.

Application Limits

1.Max. Ambient temperature<40℃;

2.Sand content (in mass fraction) up to 0.01%;

3.Hydrogen sulfide content up to 1.5mg/L, chloride ion content up to 400mg/L;

4.PH 6.5 to 8.5.

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